It’s Alive Automotive is extremely proficient in all aspects of detailing classic cars.  The transformation resulting from a simple detailing can be breathtaking. Yet the vehicle is only out of commission for a few days and the cost is relatively inexpensive.  As a full restoration shop, we have the skill to bring back to life the paint, interior, and chrome on your classic vehicle.  If wear, tear, time, or sun have taken their toll on your vehicle, we would highly recommend a comprehensive detailing providing unsurpassed Return-On-Investment and a very high degree of customer satisfaction.


Paint refurbished on your classic vehicle can be truly transformational; however, the ability to achieve the desired results is dependent on many factors.  Faded or “orange peeled” paint is easily enhanced through color sanding and buffing.  Traditionally, buffing was performed with an “orbital” buffer.  At It’s Alive we employ orbital buffers for initial “cutting”, but all buffing is performed with the  World Class Rupes Random Orbital machines.  We use Rupes buffers to avoid embedding swirl marks in the paint achieving Pebble Beach level finishes.  If the paint is blistering or cracking, the color sanding and buffing approach will likely not be sufficient and “blended paint repair” may be necessary.  Often the blisters are caused by submerged rust that might require removal and replacement prior to blending the paint.  Each car is unique and our experts can recommend the optimal approach for your vehicle and budget.  Regardless of the need, It’s Alive has the ability to bring your paint back to life and beauty!


We are also able to refresh, refurbish, or replace interiors.  We install carpets, rebuild seats (foam, bladders and seat covers) and install convertible tops.  If the material in your vehicle is in good shape and just needs a refreshening; we can re-dye the seats, dash and door cards to look like new.  Simple tears and cracks can be repaired and eliminated at this time as well.  We support all of your interior needs with the exception of heavily customized work.


Dynamat is a high quality carpet underlayment and sound deadening material.  If you are replacing the carpet, we highly recommend installing Dynamat as the first layer against the interior metal panels.  Dynamat provides exceptional sound deadening and will drastically reduce the intrusion of engine heat and exhaust fumes into your vehicle cockpit.  Dynamat provides a substantive improvement in the quality and comfort of your ride while simultaneously improving the dynamics of your sound system.


Lastly, we can detail the engine compartment, trunk and the underside of your car.  Our 3,000 PSI steam cleaner makes short work of grease and old undercoat.  Cleaning the underside is a great way to identify the overall condition of the frame, floors and suspension.  Once cleaned, a coat of Chassis Saver can prolong the life of your car for years to come while also providing a “like new” finish.