Photo Studio

It’s Alive Automotive is a classic and vintage car dealer.  As such we have invested heavily in a world class photo studio and associated process.  The studio and our process are highly leveraged when you consign your car for sale with It’s Alive Automotive.  We will prepare your car for sale, advertise it through all the best venues and handle all the calls and required legal documents (consign your car with us).  Some customers may want to sell their own classic or vintage vehicle.  These customers rarely have access to a cyclorama room, premium color lighting, a revolving car carousel, and the best photo equipment.  In addition, customers considering selling their own vehicle rarely have the ability, time, tools, or interest to prepare their vehicle for sale.  Optimal preparation and quality photos are truly essential to making the sale and achieving the maximum profit.  In addition, selling a car is historically an arduous, time consuming, and frustrating process that many would argue is best left to the professionals.  Before you sell your classic car we encourage you to consider leveraging the facilities and wealth of experience of the It’s Alive Automotive Team.  No hassles and maximum profit.  You’ll be glad you did.


It's Alive Automotive is your one-stop shop for all the tasks necessary to prepare your car for sale to achieve a maximum return.   We can perform all of the recommended mechanical repairs and cosmetic enhancements.  A common belief is that cars for sale should at the very least be running, driving, starting, and stopping.  The cost to achieve this operational-state generally provides an excellent return on the investment and all the work can be performed in house at It’s Alive.  Furthermore, once this state is achieved, It’s Alive can recommend/perform other mechanical or cosmetic enhancements that are also likely to provide strong ROI during the sale.  All enhancements can be performed in-house by the It’s Alive Team.  Lastly, every car should be detailed prior to photographing and being placed up for sale.  Detailing (paint, interior, undercarriage, etc.) is an IAA Team specialty and we can facilitate this step of the process as well.  Check out our Detailing process


In today’s world, undercarriage photos of your vehicle are paramount in achieving top dollar.  Potential buyers of classic cars are very concerned about rust, frame damage, and modifications.  As a result, It's Alive Automotive has incorporated undercarriage photos in our photography process and installed a car lift immediately adjacent to our photo studio dedicated to undercarriage photos.  We highly recommend the combination of undercarriage detailing and undercarriage photos if you are considering selling your vehicle. Once she’s running well and looking fine she’s ready to go to the booth and present herself.


We recognize the critical importance of quality photos when selling a car and you can benefit from our extensive investment in a world class photo studio.  Over a one year period, It's Alive Automotive consulted with auto photography experts around the country and invested over $60,000 in creating a revolving car carousel with optimal lighting, “infinity walls”, specialty cameras/lenses, and enhancing software.  The results are superb and can be seen here on our website inventory.


In addition to selling, there are numerous reasons It’s Alive customers elect to have quality photos taken of their car in our amazing facility.  Documentation for valuation or insurance, a framed picture of their pride and joy (a gift to a spouse or family member), or simple posterity.  If you need quality photos of your vehicle It’s Alive is your one-stop-shop for photo-preparation and exceptional photography.