At It’s Alive Automotive we specialize in bringing your car back to life and keeping it alive.  We have invested in all the best diagnostic and repair equipment, employ highly skilled and experienced mechanics, and follow proven and refined processes.  In addition, our Digital Service System, our Culture, and our open communications ensure strong customer awareness and no surprises.  All combine to achieve high quality, fast turn times, and great value.  We are your one-stop shop for all your classic car needs.


At It's Alive Automotive we specialize in bringing your car back to life and keeping it alive.  We are a true “one-stop shop” for all your repair needs including:

  • Troubleshooting and fault diagnostics
  • Basic tune-ups … to … complete engine rebuilds
  • Transmission / clutch / overdrive rebuilds and 5 speed upgrades
  • Interior repair / refurbishment / replacement 
  • Convertible top installations
  • Electrical troubleshooting and new wiring harness installations
  • Suspension repair and upgrades
  • Brake repair and upgrades
  • Tire replacement and balancing
  • Rust repair and extensive metal fabrication
  • Frame straightening, modification and repair
  • All collision repairs (A member of the Hagerty Network)
  • Missouri State Safety Inspections (not emissions)


Our customers are looking for high quality, great value, convenience, and no surprises.  Achieving this end state requires a dedicated and perpetual journey of continuous improvement.  Continuous improvement is a foundational tenet of our IAA Culture.  Every day we identify ways to improve our business operation. Our ultimate goal is to provide the desired end state for each and every one of our customers.  Even though perfection eludes us, we strive to capture and achieve incremental improvements every day thereby chipping away at our goal of total customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We are proud of our approach and our progress.


There are many elements required to achieve world class repairs.  Accurate fault diagnostics, well thought out and efficient approaches, quality parts, installation expertise, the correct tools and processes, and strong customer communications are all combined at  It's Alive Automotive to bring about repairs of the highest quality and value.  After the customer provides the initial request, we assess the car, diagnose the issues, develop a plan, provide the customer with the recommended approach and estimate, communicate the plan electronically to the customer and implement the repairs approved by the customer.  All repairs are performed by highly skilled and experienced mechanics using quality parts and tools following our proprietary processes. The IAA Team is very proud of our proven approach.


We perform all degrees of repair. Frequently a customer requests that we bring their car “back to life” after many years of storage.  We are highly skilled at this process and understand the pitfalls that are frequently encountered. At other times, customers are looking to take their car up a notch or two and they appreciate IAA’s ability to address all repair facets from mechanical to interior to paint.  If a customer experiences a breakdown or accident, the IAA Team can pick up and transport the car and perform major repairs such as engine or transmission rebuilds or fire damage.  We do it all.


OOur repair facilities are world class.  We recognize the critical importance of having quality tools and processes.  These substantial investments ensure efficient and effective repairs while expanding our capability to perform the repairs desired and needed by our customers.  A detailed description of our tools and facilities is included here in,  OUR FACILITIES.


The IAA Team is truly world class.  We have assembled a diverse group of professionals with a passion for classic cars.  The IAA Team embraces and lives our unique culture founded on safety, continuous improvement, no excuses, attention to detail and teamwork.  Our team atmosphere allows us to fully leverage the hundreds of years of highly relevant experience and the countless unique and valuable elements of each individual.  Our Team is not rewarded individually but collectively, reinforcing this valuable cultural element.


The ultimate strategic objective of  It's Alive Automotive is customer loyalty.  We recognize this as a lofty goal that must be nurtured and earned every day.  With that goal in sight, we continuously improve and invest in the Team, our tools, and the processes to achieve world class results and move us incrementally closer to the desired end state.