Our Specialties

  • It’s Alive Automotive is passionately focused on five areas of unique automotive expertise:
  •   Our passion and expertise for these areas is reflected in our wealth of experience, extensive investment in tools, the development and documentation of proven processes, and the establishment of excellent, high quality suppliers of parts and services.  This combination of attributes provides an immeasurable value to our customers who bring their car to It’s Alive Automotive with the confidence that they will receive world-class quality and affordable pricing (Value!).  


Jeff Homsher and the It's Alive Automotive Team have been involved in the repair and restoration of classic XK-E Jaguars for over fifty years.  Typically, we have over ten XK120s, 140s, 150s and E-Types in our inventory along with a continuous flow of same model Jaguars in the shop for repair or restoration.


The vintage XK line of Jaguars are priceless works of art founded on numerous technical advances including the monocoque design, the dual overhead cam straight port XK engine, the boosted dual master cylinder disk braking system, and the four wheel fully independent torsion bar suspension.  Our knowledge, experience, tools and processes combine to ensure that the repair and restoration work performed on any XK vehicle is to the highest standards and will maintain the pedigree and increase the value of these iconic cars.


Our expertise spans all unique features of the XK line including complete body refurbishment (floors, sills, trunks, subframe, etc.); rebuilding of engines, transmission rebuilding and upgrading (Tremec Five Speed conversion, see below); independent rear suspensions; electrical harness replacement; and complete body and interior restoration.  There is no element of the XK line of Jaguars that we don’t understand, repair, or restore.  XK120s, 140s &150s and E-Types are our passion.  It’s Alive Automotive has invested tens of thousands of dollars in XK unique tooling to ensure that each repair is done correctly and to the highest standard.  We use OEM parts putting them back together the way they were built at the factory.   We have also established a comprehensive team of suppliers and subcontractors that have proven performance in the XK line of parts and services.


The It's Alive Automotive commitment to E-Type repair and restoration is exemplified by our investment in tooling.  Our shop boasts numerous rotisseries, rolling jigs, special test and diagnostic equipment, and an XK engine test run stand to facilitate the process.  The pinnacle of our commitment to the E-Type community is reflected in the investments we have made in monocoque tub refurbishment jigs and welding tools.  It's Alive Automotive's twenty foot long, 18,000 pound precision T-slot table allows us to completely disassemble a rusted or damaged XKE (including an open two seater (a convertible)) and install all new sheet metal with precise accuracy.  To ensure concours level results on our monocoque restorations, we utilize a Pro Spot hydraulic compression spot welder to replicate the original manufacturing process.  This welder alone cost over $40,000.  The It’s Alive substantiuve investment was essential to achieve the results demanded by our passionate and discerning customers. It's Alive Automotive is proud of our commitment to the E-Type community.  We believe that our investments in tooling and processes combined with our years of experience and passion for these amazing cars provides It's Alive Automotive with a unique ability to repair and restore these amazing XK-E monocoques to world class standards.


By far the most worthwhile and substantive improvement to a 50’s or 60’s British vintage car is an upgraded transmission.   It's Alive Automotive highly recommends installing Tremec 5-speed transmissions in XK120s, 140s & 150s, XK-Es, and Series III Jaguars.  The feedback we receive is consistently one of pure elation.  Transitioning from 1940’s technology to state-of-the-art technology combined with a fifth overdrive gear is euphoric!  The effortless and crisp shifting uses the same gear ratios as the original box until you launch 5th gear where the RPMs decrease over 20%.  The result is effortless highway cruising for hours with less noise and improved gas mileage - a significantly enhanced driving experience!  The “icing on the cake” is that the Tremec 5 speed is a direct swap with the original transmission requiring no modifications to the original interior, engine or structure . . . none at all. . . pedigree maintained!  Additionally, it is very difficult to tell that the Tremec upgrade has been performed even when looking under the car.  The feedback that we unanimously receive from our customers is that the Tremec upgrade is a great value that provides a substantial improvement to the already highly enjoyable E-Type driving experience.


It's Alive Automotive is an experienced leader in Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) retrofitting.  We have installed EFI systems on multiple XKs, Triumph TR6s and American V8s.  The performance improvements include increased horsepower, ease of starting and rapid, snappy acceleration.

The appearance of your engine will be somewhat modified by the installation of an EFI system.  The installation of the EFI on an XK does require the addition of a metal “doghouse” to enclose the air filter assembly.  However, the EFI installations are very attractive and great conversation pieces.  This combined with the fact that the EFI modifications are completely reversible make this upgrade highly attractive.  If you are considering modifying your XK, Triumph or V8 motor to EFI, please consider It's Alive Automotive.


Typically, when performing rust or collision repair, it is most cost effective to purchase repair panels that are mass produced.   However, at times the panels are not readily available or the panels are only sold full size when what is required is a small portion.  Sometimes the best solution is to custom fabricate the proper panel for the job.  The It's Alive Automotive Team is very proud of its metal shaping and fabrication skills.  We employ the best artisans using the very best tooling.  Metal fabrication tools are expensive and serious space hogs and yet It's Alive Automotive has invested in Baileigh power hammers, pressure planishing hammers, English wheels, Pullmax machines, Plasma CNC cutters, and much much more.  But don’t be fooled, these tools are nothing more than paper weights without the correct artisans.  It takes a lot more than the purchase of an English wheel and a shot bag to become a proper metal shaper.  Jeff himself is a skilled metal fabricator trained by the world renowned Wray Schelin, and Jeff employs a staff of seasoned fabbers as well.  The ability to fabricate and install a perfect panel is a key attribute of any high quality restoration shop.  It's Alive Automotive has invested in the tools, technicians, and training to ensure this critical attribute is a significant characteristic of our organization.  By the way . . . we enjoy metal fabrication as well as the ominous rust repair.  We do it all.


Jeff has been restoring 190 and 280 SL Mercedes since the mid 80s.  Jeff has owned over fifty of these classic vehicles and constantly buys and sells the cars as well.  The value of 121 and 113 model Mercedes have skyrocketed over the past 10 years.  With their iconic look and advanced mechanical design, the pricing is likely to continue to increase exponentially.   We know these cars well and can resolve any mechanical or cosmetic concerns.  Jeff has trained his team on fault isolation on the famed Mercedes mechanical fuel injection system.  These systems are expensive, complicated, and critical to strong running and performance.  The Team at It's Alive Automotive has the skills to resolve all fuel injection issues on your classic Benz (Note: we are also very well versed at repairing the Bosch fuel injection system commonly used on the 107 model Mercedes such as the 450, 380 and 560SLs).  It's Alive Automotive has also designed unique and proprietary techniques to replace fenders and perform panel repairs resulting in factory appearance for the “spot welds,” gaps, and indents that have become increasingly important to the Mercedes Benz community.  Our hydraulic spot welding system (originally purchased for our XKE floor repairs) is also invaluable in this process.  Please consider It's Alive Automotive for your Mercedes mechanical or interior repairs and if you need rust repair or restoration of your classic Benz, we highly and respectfully recommend that you consider It’s Alive Automotive..

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