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It’s Alive Automotive is your one-stop shop for classic car repair and restoration.  From simple tune-ups and oil changes to comprehensive rotisserie restorations and extensive rust repairs, we do it all. We also buy, sell, and consign classic cars.  While our specialty is European sports cars (with an insatiable passion for Jaguar XK-Es and Mercedes SLs), we restore and repair all classic vehicles including American muscle cars.  We bring them all back to life and keep them alive!

  • Our primary operation is conveniently located at 11714 Saint Charles Rock Road, one mile west of the Lambert International Airport at the intersection of I-70 and the St. Charles Rock Road. The central location and accommodating hours allow our customers to view the progress of their vehicle while maintaining an active role in the continuous, critical decision making process
  • Our ultimate goal is customer loyalty driven through a blend of quality, value, convenience and “no surprises.”  Our tactical decisions for facilities, personnel, processes, and tools are all guided by these foundational principles supporting our insatiable goal for continuous improvement in all we do all the time!
  • The facilities at It’s Alive Automotive are unmatched in the industry.  The 70,000+ square foot buildings are all secure brick construction segregated into two showrooms, sales offices, and dedicated areas for metal fabrication, body work, detailing, final assembly, and vehicle photography.  The facilities are populated with all the best equipment including a USI Italia downdraft and heated paint booth, extensive metal fabrication equipment and machines, vapor blasting and hot pressure cleaning equipment, a world class photo studio with a revolving car carousel, hydraulic spot welding equipment, an 18,000 pound, twenty foot long T-slot table (designed specifically for classic car metal fabrication), an alignment rack, a Lincoln Torchmate CNC Laser Table, “no-mar” wheel changing and balancing machines and much, much more.  It’s Alive Automotive has and continues to invest in the best equipment available to ensure full capability, efficient operations, and the highest quality. 
  • What truly distinguishes It’s Alive Automotive from the pack is our Team and the culture they display and support.  Our employees are all highly skilled and experienced with a passion for classic vehicles.  They demonstrate a strong support for the IAA Culture which is founded on basic elements of safety, Team focus, customer satisfaction, no excuses, and continuous improvement in all that we do.  They are a cohesive team that takes pride in finding and leveraging opportunities for improvement so as to chip away at being better in all aspects of the business every day.  It is a long, hard and challenging journey, but nonetheless rewarding.
  • The owner, Jeff Homsher, is highly experienced in all aspects of classic car repair and restoration, restoring classic cars since 1974. What distinguishes Jeff and the It’s Alive Automotive operation from other shops is Jeff's unique experience as a program manager and executive at the Boeing Company.  A comprehensive, well-thought-out plan combined with an ability to quickly adapt are essential in the aerospace industry and equally as important in achieving an efficient and effective  repair or restoration.  These adaptive plans and processes combined with a passion for continuous improvement, the best facilities, and insatiable quest for personnel development differentiate It’s Alive Automotive from the pack.


  • What to remember about It’s Alive Automotive? 
    • IAA is your one-stop shop for classic car repair.
    • IAA is conveniently located near St. Louis’ Lambert International Airport.
    • IAA specializes in early European sports cars with a passion for Jaguar XK-Es and Mercedes 280SLs (but we do work on American vintage cars too).
    • IAA has the best Team, facilities, equipment, tools, and processes which are continuously improving day by day.
    • IAA strives to earn customer loyalty by focusing on quality, value, convenience, and no surprises.

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